WOWMAX NEXT has a production base in Los Angeles and Tokyo.

WOWMAX NEXT is a cross-media entertainment production company, established in 2016 by Masaki Kaifu, it is the U.S. Corporation of the Japanese WOWMAX Inc.

WOWMAX NEXT has a high interest in international co-production between various countries and Japanese animation as well as live-action content. We are a creative production company that continuously aims and matched high-quality original content, excellent artists, and the proper business scheme for each project.

The core service of WOWMAX NEXT focuses on planning, production managing, joint investment, publishing, and license sales of live action and animation across multimedia platforms.

As part of our production, hold a recording studio in Los Angeles to provide audio production and multilingual localization.


  • Masaki Kaifu establishes Wowmax Media LLC in Costa Mesa California.

  • Assists with JETRO’s (Japan External Trade Organization) US Entertainment Market Research.

    Begin international sales of anime content.

    Begin agent work for character business.

  • Office moves to Torrance, California

    Become JETRO entertainment business advisor

    Co-produce an anime Robot Revolt with Stan Winston Studios.

    Produce a promotion event for Tokyo Anime Fair at Hollywood and Highland.

    Become consultant of a Japanese home video, toy maker, and publishing company.

  • Start mobile content streaming service for anime characters.

    Sell the airing rights to SpongeBob SquarePants to a Japanese network TV ad MTV Network’s agent.

  • Sell the TV rights to Canada’s De Co De anime “Naughty Naughty Pet” to a Japanese Network TV.

    Become Steven Seagal’s agent in Japan.

    Produce a promotion event for Tokyo Anime Fair at New York’s Grand Central Station.

  • Sell the airing rights to SpongeBob SquarePants season 2 to a Japanese network

    TV ad MTV Network’s agent.

    Lecture at Cypress college.

  • Open Tokyo office,

    Begin Anime localization business (Subtitle, dub)

    Sell the TV rights to Canada’s De Co De anime “Naughty Naughty Pet” to a Cartoon Network Japan.

  • Produced anime “Heroman” with Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment.

    Realize world wide simulcast streaming.

    Invite Warner Animation, Cartoon Network, Nelvana, and Disney’s development producers plan to an international pitch event “Anime Speed Pitch in TOKYO 2010”

    Lecture at Irvine Valley college.

  • Begin comic translations business.

    Consultant for overseas digital publication project by Japanese internet company.

  • Start aid for mobile apps for
    overseas development.

  • Start service of research panel with American test subjects

    Start service for English translation for world wide digital publication

    Start user research service for games and mobile apps

    Lecture at Washington University.

  • Receive request to research media consumers in the Latin American market by Japanese company.

    Lecture at the Japan Foundation (Los Angeles)

    Lecture at Tama Fine Arts University.

  • Begin consultant from US video streaming platform company

    Expand localization business. Begin service for worldwide simulcast for English dubbing “Simul dubbing”.

    Establish WOWMAX Inc. in Tokyo Japan.

  • Expand localization business, produce English dubbed version of Anime “Sushi and Beyond” and “Dragon Dentist”

    Establish WOWMAX NEXT Inc. in Torrance CA as Japan’s WOWMAX’s subsidiary company.

    Begin development with US production companies to produce new content.

  • Japanese music label, Columbia, movie studio Toei, education and entertainment

    company WAO Corporation, anime studio Asahi Production, and voice actor studio 81

    Produce invest in WOWMAX Inc.(Tokyo)