Multilingual Audio Localization Services

We own and operate WOWMAX STUDIOS in Glendale, California, to facilitate English localizations intended as masters for the international versions. We then work with contracted studios worldwide to customize international versions.

Planning, Production, and Sales of Anime, Film, and TV Shows

We develop and produce animated and live-action content for western and Asian markets. Typically, our projects are based on Japanese video games, TV shows, anime, manga, and novels. We collaborate with our creative partners – both in and outside Japan – to produce visuals and text for the global market.

Research and Marketing Services

We manage a database of 2,000+ American pop culture fans, through which we conduct qualitative and quantitative audience studies. Together with CEO Masaki Kaifu’s knowledge from 15+ years of experience in the U.S. market, we analyze trends, trade organization reports, and financial stats of content companies. We integrate the findings into individual creative development, production, distribution, and marketing plans.


We understand that licensing is a key component when obtaining or collaborating on properties. We are always searching for new properties as well as opportunities to network with professionals within the industry.